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Passionate about sharing stories about wildlife and conservation efforts.

I also enjoy the artwork of capturing moments from special events, branding, to portraits. Mostly bringing smiles to people's faces.


Currently a wildlife biologist in the central coast of California assisting with the wild population of California Condors. On the side I also practice the art of falconry with my red-tailed hawk and Brittany spaniel. I've surrounded myself with wildlife work since 2012 at the age of 18 and have continued to learn more and be involved with local organizations. My first field experience was tracking Sea Otters along the Santa Barbara coastline and monitoring California condor nests in the wild in 2012. I've found the love for photography in 2011 wanting to share with my community and friends the beautiful nature we had in our backyard. In 2014 I learned I loved to capture moments of others in their field of passion such as my coworkers handling condors and doing field work for conservation. Having a background of doing artwork since a young age, I believe it has worked its way in to bringing the creativity into my photography. I always have my camera on hand waiting for any opportunity to come my way for a great story to tell. 

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